Tom Campion’s Leadership Style Profiled

Our trustee Tom Campion’s leadership style was recently profiled in Shop-Eat-Surf, a business news site for the action sports industry:

This trip allowed me to look deeper into this crazy and results-oriented culture that was started by Founder Tom Campion, who started in retail by working at JC Penney.

I am going to tell you two stories here. One, about the young woman who was the No. 1 sales person for the whole company in 2017, Kelly Sanders. Her story really illustrates how the Zumiez culture comes alive and helps to propel the company’s success.

The second is about how that culture was created by Founder Tom Campion, who gave a powerful speech at the 100k event about how he developed the Zumiez philosophy in part because he saw what other retailers were doing wrong.

Lots of companies talk about their culture. But at Zumiez, they live and breathe it and reinforce it every day, in every store. It’s a culture that values independent thinking, transparency, competition, recognition, and accountability.

That culture is really a framework for treating people, and for growing talent that allows certain kinds of people to thrive. People who like to make decisions instead of being told what to do. People who can handle being accountable for their decisions. And people who like competition instead of shying away from it.

Read the full article here. (Paywall)