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In every county across Washington state, there are youth and young adults struggling to find a safe, stable place to call home. This is unacceptable.

That’s why we are thrilled about the release of the Department of Commerce’s Office of Homeless Youth report – a roadmap to help communities implement solutions that work for them and the role the state must play to support their efforts. This report was requested by the Legislature and developed with input and expertise from communities and counties across the state and was guided by those who personally understand the impact of lacking a stable place to live.

A Way Home Washington has worked with providers, advocates, families, and young people from across the state to help develop solutions to prevent and end youth homelessness here at home. Those voices are featured prominently in this new report.

By elevating the voices of those who have experienced homelessness; outlining policy proposals that support families before they lose their teenager to the streets; ensuring youth exiting public systems have a safe and stable place to go; and ensuring schools have the resources, training, and capacity to support students who have no place to go after the bell rings.

In addition, A Way Home Washington and the Office of Homeless Youth announced a directive from Governor Jay Inslee and proposed specific actions designed to prevent and end youth homelessness in communities throughout Washington state.

This is a milestone for Washington state and underserved youth and young people. We have a real opportunity to turn the tide on youth homelessness and be a model for the rest of the nation. Along with our partners and providers, A Way Home Washington will continue to lead the movement to finally prevent and end youth homelessness.

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