Kit DesLauriers, a member of The North Face Global Athlete Team and a 2015 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, has an unparalleled skiing resume. She is a two-time freeskiing world champion, the first person to ski the highest peaks on each continent and the first woman to ski from the summit of Mount Everest.

But out of all of these incredible experiences, Kit has said that the one place in the world she knows she’ll go back to is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In 2010, she skied the highest peak in the Brooks Range, a mountain chain located within the Refuge, and then skied 60 miles north to the Beaufort Sea. Along the way she witnessed “endless and pure wilderness with not a sight, sound or bit of tension from human development.”

That experience of pure wilderness has inspired her to protect the Refuge so that her two daughters and others from future generations will live in a world where the Refuge is as majestic as it is today. To Kit, and other explorers like her, the world’s highest and most remote peaks are not there to be conquered, but to be experienced, respected and protected. That’s why she contributed to the book We Are the Arctic  – a collection of essays from people of all walks of life who are asking Congress and President Obama to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge once and for all.

Preserving wild experiences is why we’re supporting the strongest possible protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Join us.