“If you believe in America the Beautiful, then you need to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.” –Stacy Bare, a 2014 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and recipient of the Bronze Star for Merit during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

At 19.6 million acres, America’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest national wildlife refuge in the United States – about the size of South Carolina. It’s an unparalleled sanctuary that serves as a nesting place for millions of birds, and it’s where the 140,000-strong Porcupine Caribou Herd give birth to their calves each year. To many veterans like Stacy, the Refuge represents part of what he fought for: America’s public lands. Stacy believes places like the Refuge are a physical embodiment of our Constitution and our belief in freedom, equity and justice. Many veterans have even found solace and rejuvenation in wilderness areas like the Refuge.

However, the Refuge is in danger. It is ground zero for climate change and facing threats of destruction from Big Oil’s allies that want to drill there. This iconic landscape, which represents the wildest of America, is especially worthy of our protection.

A growing movement of diverse voices are coming together to call for the protection of the Refuge. And in a recently released book, We Are The Arctic, you can explore this majestic place and hear from these individuals. In addition to breathtaking images, the book features powerful essays from people like Stacy who are dedicated to protecting the Refuge.

You can also watch this video of Stacy and hear him speak firsthand about his visit to the Refuge and learn what you can do to help protect this amazing place for our future generations.

Join the movement and take action today. Together, we can protect America’s Arctic Refuge once and for all.