Office of Homeless Youth 2016 Report

In every county across Washington state, there are youth and young adults struggling to find a safe, stable place to call home. This is unacceptable. That’s why we are thrilled about the release of the Department of Commerce’s Office of Homeless

One Night Count 2015

10,047 people slept outside in King County overnight January 22-23,

Opening Doors

Presented to the Office of the President and Congress on June 22, 2010 and revised in 2015, Opening Doors is the nation’s first comprehensive Federal strategy to prevent and end

Progress Index

Measuring Shared Prosperity in Washington

WLIHA’s board testimony

Imagine if we could leverage the connections and credibility of more than 10,000 board members in Washignton Stare to help get good legislation passed. In June 2015, The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance did just that. Several board members

A Compelling Case to Make Advocacy a Part of Board Culture

A Donor Bill of Rights

About the Stand for Your Mission Campaign

ACT! Quick Advocacy Capacity Tool

Advocacy for Funders: The Legal Limitations of Lobbying

AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards

An Assessment of Capacity Building in Washington State

Assessing the How of Grantmaking

Being a Player

Bernard Ross' Case Framework

Beyond the Cause: The Art and Science of Advocacy

Blur the Lines, Sharpen the Work

Bold Giver Story

Building is not Buying

Capacity Building Guiding Principles

Case for Support Outline

Catalytic Philanthropy

Create a Philanthropic Culture in Your Nonprofit

Creating High-Impact Nonprofits

Development Program Activities

Donor Centered Fundraising

Due Diligence Done Well: a guide for grantmakers

Evaluating Your Development Plan: A Series of Dashboards for Tracking Progress

Everyday Advocacy Toolkit


Innovation Network

Investing in Change: Why Supporting Advocacy Makes Sense for Foundations

Leading With Intent 2015

Limitations on Political and Lobbying Activities of Charitable Organizations

Listen, Learn, Lead: Grantmaker Practices that Support Grantee Results

Major Gifts Survival Kit

Make a Difference for Your Cause

Make a Difference for Your Cause in Three Hours a Week

Nine Key Trends Affecting the Charitable Sector

Nonprofits in Washington 2014

Overhead Costs – The Obsession Must Stop

Project Streamline-Practices that Matter

Project Streamline-Practices that Matter

Public Policy Checklist

Resilient nonprofits

Resources for Foundations Funding and Supporting Advocacy

Smarter Grantmaking in Challenging Economic Times

So You Want to Build an Endowment?

Sonya's Reading List

Stand for Your Mission

Stand for Your Mission Discussion Guide

Stand For Your Mission Pushes Board Advocacy

Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory

Systems Grantmaking Resource Guide

The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

The ten most important things you can know about fundraising

Twelve Principles of Governance That Power Exceptional Boards

Washington State Leadership Scan

What is Advocacy?

Why Board Engagement in Advocacy Is Essential

WLIHA 2015 Bill and Budget Tracker

A Great Breathing Space on the Planet

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is an irreplaceable, unspoiled wilderness. Hear representatives of the Gwich'in people speak about their home: “The Sacred Place Where Life

Conservation 101

A Guide To Land & Water Protection in the US: Clarifying and decoding the "alphabet soup" of Agency names and acronyms, Federal lands' protective designations, methods of private land conservation, and core environmental

Helen Cherullo of Braided River: Channeling Passion into Action

Helen Cherullo is Executive Director of Braided River, a Seattle-based nonprofit publishing house that focuses on providing philanthropic support to environmental causes through publishing books, arranging exhibitions and media, supporting

Movie: To The Arctic IMAX

Adventure to a region on thin ice. A co-production of Warner Bros. Pictures, MacGillivray Freeman Films, and IMAX

On Arctic Ground

Tracking Time Through Alaska's National Petroleum

Outdoor Afro's Rue Mapp in the Arctic

Rue Mapp, founder of Foundation grantee Outdoor Afro, talks about the importance of the Arctic Refuge to all people and all of our relationship to

Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

President Obama announces that The Department of Interior released a revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan to better sustain and manage Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife

Salmon Beyond Borders

Salmon Beyond Borders is a growing community of sport and commercial fishermen, community leaders, Tribal and First Nations members, tourism and recreation business owners and concerned citizens united across the Alaska/British Columbia border to

Salmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rain Forest

The remarkable story of the Tongass rain forest. As part of our use all the tools approach we fund the publishing of several important photo books on the Arctic region. Salmon in the Trees tells the remarkable story of the Tongass rain forest and

Save Bristol Bay

As wild salmon disappear around the globe, Bristol Bay continues to produce the world’s largest sockeye salmon fisheries and one of the largest king salmon runs. The reason for this is clear; the Bay’s freshwater salmon habitat is largely untouched

To the Arctic

The official large-format companion book to the film To The

We Are the Arctic

America’s Arctic Refuge is among our nation’s most treasured landscapes, like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. The new “We Are The Arctic” book lets us hear from diverse voices who are coming together to protect this special place once and for all.