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They provide direct services and counseling through Homelessness Prevention and Intervention, Community Violence Prevention, Mental Health and other services. They use the Housing First model of service delivery, coupled with case management, to help families end homelessness. The Housing First model gives priority to placing families in permanent or “transition in place” housing while providing long-term supportive case management services to help them stabilize in their housing. This model for homeless service delivery is a centerpiece of the Seattle/King County Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness as well as the City of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan and United Way’s Out of the Rain Plan. Wellspring is a key player in our community’s efforts to end homelessness.

In June of 2009, Wellspring moved to its first-ever permanent home, the Rotary Support Center for Families (RSCF), located in South Seattle. The culmination of a successful three-year capital campaign, in the RSCF they have co-located many services for vulnerable children and families.