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Solid Ground provides over 30 different services to low-income people including emergency shelters and transitional housing, mortgage default and other housing counseling, and a wide range of food programs – including a food bank distribution center, nutrition and cooking classes, the Marra Farm Food Bank Garden, and Food Security for Children program.

The advocacy work of Solid Ground is very impressive, in the internal investment they make, the scope of their efforts, and the positive results they achieve. Solid Ground has been a driving force in many successful anti-poverty efforts in our state – from the creation of the Housing Trust Fund to passing the Working Families Rebate (a state level earned income tax credit). They have an advocacy department, which includes individual client advocacy, as well as public policy advocacy. They created the Statewide Poverty Action Network (SPAN) an exciting model which fully involves low-income people in all activities. Through their wide range of service provision and organizing efforts SPAN and Solid Ground stay extremely well connected with low-income and vulnerable populations. This is critical to the effectiveness of their advocacy, as it provides them with real, current, information on problems people face. Their advocacy on predatory lending practices was a direct result of witnessing the deep harm it causes an increasing portion of our population.

Tony Lee, the director of Solid Ground’s advocacy department, is widely recognized as one of the most effective advocates in the state on anti-poverty and anti-discrimination efforts. Frank Chopp, Senior Advisor, has provided Solid Ground leadership for 28 years, and is current Speaker of the Washington State House of Representatives.

Solid Ground works to end poverty and undo racism and other oppressions that are root cause of poverty. We believe that our community can move beyond poverty and oppression to a place where all people have access to quality housing, nutritious food, equal justice, and opportunities to thrive.