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The NLIHC State Partners Network is the most vibrant coalition of affordable housing and services providers in the country (see attached list for specific members). To support the Partners Network NLIHC has a four-person Outreach Team, consisting of a Coordinator and three Associates assigned to specific states. They are members’ direct points of contact for answers to federal policy or membership questions. Members are also contacted when there is a federal housing issue that needs attention and advocacy at the state level. Broadly, the Outreach Team focuses on:

  • Membership development: They build relationships with NLIHC members and reach out to non-member organizations in order to expand their base.
  • Federal housing policy: They provide members with information to maximize their effectiveness as advocates. They also contact members when there is a need to weigh in with federal elected officials.
  • National Housing Trust Fund: Legislation creating a National Housing Trust Fund was enacted on July 30, 2008. There is still a need to ensure that it is appropriately implemented at the federal level and in each state. Also, there is a need to identify and win additional dedicated sources of revenue for the Housing Trust Fund.

NLIHC has three primary goals, pursued through four objectives:


  • To preserve existing federally assisted homes and housing resources.
  • To expand the supply of low income housing.
  • To establish housing stability as the primary purpose of federal low income housing policy.


  • Change Public Opinion
  • Increase Capacity of Low Income Housing Advocates
  • Cause Federal Policy Makers to Act
  • Improve NLIHC Internal Operations