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HDC provides capacity building to nonprofit members and their partners, ranging from training workshops, expert speakers and networking to a Leadership Development Program, where participants meet in monthly seminars on topics related to leadership and the nonprofit housing field.
The Housing Development Consortium of Seattle/King County (HDC) is one of the first coalitions of nonprofit housing developers in the United States. Formed in 1988, HDC has 100 organizational members, comprised of affordable housing developers, social service nonprofits, housing authorities, accountants, architects, attorneys, construction companies, consultants, housing development groups, banks and other lenders, and property management firms
HDC, under the leadership of its founding director, Carla Okigwe, is responsible for much of the existing homelessness and affordable housing advocacy network in Washington State by:
” Organizing and serving as staff, president and long-time board member of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
” Driving and facilitating the creation of 3 local housing consortia in Spokane, Everett/Snohomish, and Tacoma/Pierce.

HDC has consistently shown leadership and creativity in addressing affordable housing challenges, from leading local housing levies (recently leveraging over $145 million) to reaching out to non-traditional allies to consider affordable housing in their strategies (Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC), Cascade Land Conservancy, Futurewise).