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Faith Action Network (FAN) is a statewide network of people of faith uniting to take courageous public action for justice. This new interfaith organization joins together the Lutheran Public Policy Office (LPPO), with a 25 year history, and the Washington Association of Churches (WAC), with an 80 year history. Faith Action Network, with its commitment to justice, compassion, and inclusiveness, seeks to improve the quality of life for all people of Washington State. Work is particularly focused on the most vulnerable and our programs are divided into three overlapping areas: Education and Community Building, Advocacy, and Cultural Transformation. The statewide network of Advocating Congregations and faith-based advocates join with community partners and staff to educate themselves about public policy issues and to take action on an annual legislative agenda. Their support networks for veterans and those affected by mental illness provide technical assistance to faith communities as they seek to provide compassionate ministries to these populations. Through a variety of organized campaigns, public forums, prayer vigils, calls to action, and the work of one-on-one relationship and community building, Faith Action Network seeks to inspire a movement among the broader faith community to be a catalyst for courageous public witness that can contribute to transforming our public discourse for the common good.