Grantee Spotlight: WLIHA works across sectors to ensure that everyone in Washington State has access to a safe, affordable home.

The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance is the leading organization in Washington state working on low income housing and homelessness issues. With support from the Campion Foundation, WLIHA advocates for policies at the state and federal level that promote the creation of affordable housing and support systems for homeless members of our community. WLIHA plays a critical role in educating the public and decision makers on housing issues and in mobilizing advocates to speak up in support of safe, affordable housing for all.

In Washington State, their keystone policy issue is the funding of the Washington State Housing Trust Fund. This program, included in our state’s Capital Budget, builds and preserves rental housing for low-income individuals and families. More than 195,000 households in Washington pay half their income on housing and utilities, leaving very little left for other essentials such as food, health care, and childcare. Increasing the number affordable units is critical to the economic stability of our communities and prevents additional families from slipping into homelessness.

WLIHA successfully led the charge to extend the state’s document recording fee until 2019. This fee results in 62% of our state’s homelessness funding and is a critical resource for communities transitioning people off the streets and into shelters and homes. Through the leadership of WLIHA, housing advocates were able to protect this source of funding and continue the great work of local service providers.

WLIHA is an anchor grantee for our strategy to end homelessness in Washington State and they continue to demonstrate that bringing a diversity of advocacy voices to the table can leverage the resources we need to achieve our mission.

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