This week was the start of Washington’s 2018 legislative session, and already our lawmakers have an opportunity to save millions of dollars that will help people experiencing homelessness.

Passage of the Capital Budget, which includes $106 million in funding to construct affordable housing for the most vulnerable members of our community, has been held up for the past year by partisan political maneuvering on a separate, unrelated issue.

If the legislature doesn’t make passing the Capital Budget its first priority, we will lose millions of dollars in tax credits from the federal government. If we don’t act by January 17th, projects that serve people with the lowest incomes will be delayed or stopped.

We can’t allow this to happen. With the housing crisis we are currently facing, it is unacceptable to leave any amount of money on the table.

Please join our partners at the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund in urging your legislators to do the right thing. 

The Housing Alliance is working hard in this first week of session to pressure key legislators through in-person meetings, grassroots organizing, and an ad campaign across the state on newspaper websites and social media.

Every voice matters when we’re facing a crisis. Please take a moment to ensure that our state is doing everything it can for people to have a place to call home.