The pursuit of our mission is guided by our core values, inspired by the principles of Catalytic Philanthropy and propelled by the rigor and creative application of the Six Strategies that we deploy in advancing our theory of change.

We know that grantmaking alone cannot achieve the change we are after at the scale or speed that our challenges demand. We cannot buy enough housing to end homelessness, nor can we purchase the wildest places in North America to ensure their protection. By strengthening the nonprofit sector, creating leverage with our grantmaking, and using our own voices in the public square, we are combining advocacy and philanthropy into a powerful force for change.

We believe recent results demonstrate additional opportunities to develop and deepen the work we do. While our overall program focus continues unchanged, our resource allocation has changed to further support CAF activities, with a particular focus on protecting Alaska’s Arctic and ending youth homelessness.

As we move forward, three spotlight campaigns will take center stage.

Protecting The Arctic Refuge
Ending Youth Homelessness
Stand for Your Mission

Through the Campion Foundation, we will continue to support a limited number of Public Lands & Climate grantees whose work is critical on key campaigns in regions of northwestern North America, and a limited number of Homelessness grantees whose work is critical to our long-term goal of ending all homelessness. Our Capacity Building program will continue to provide support to our anchor wilderness and homelessness grantees to increase their resilience and build adaptive capacity, to lead organizations strengthening the nonprofit sector in Washington State, and to strengthening the advocacy culture in the nonprofit sector.

We believe our more focused approach will speed the change we seek. We cannot let this moment pass us by. We must seize on the opportunities that will help us achieve our mission. Therefore, our refocused priorities will take effect immediately.

Complex problems require dimensional solutions. We are committed to using every tool in the toolbox—from advocacy to financial support. It’s called Catalytic Philanthropy.

– Lisa Jaguzny