Homelessness is a complex and challenging problem, but it is solvable. We believe we can create the political will to add the resources and make the policy changes necessary to make homelessness rare, brief, and one-time. Our priorities build on the current momentum in Washington state to stop the pipeline of homeless teens becoming homeless adults and the efforts to ensure access to safe, affordable housing for all across our state.

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It’s unacceptable that so many young people are sleeping on the street. As a community, we can do better. We can and will come together to solve this problem.

— Sheila Babb Anderson


The Mockingbird Society

Homeless Youth Prevention and Protection Act a big win!

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Photograph courtesy The Mockingbird Society

Board Advocacy in Action

Watch the video of nonprofit board members from around the state testifying for a local option for affordable housing and mental health services.

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Photograph courtesy Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Our Legislative Priorities

The policy priorities we are working on to end homelessness in Washington state.

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Photo: cc masaccio