The Campion Foundation's Strategic Focus

Our approach to ending homelessness is focused on government policy, because we know that systemic policy change is the most effective way to put an end to this crisis. It leverages the power of nonprofit advocacy in pursuit of policy change and program funding.

There is national momentum to end youth homelessness as a way to stop the feeder system into life-long homelessness. Unaccompanied youth homelessness is an urgent, costly and significant problem for our nation and these kids have fallen through the cracks for too many years, leading to generations of homeless adults that started on their path as a teenager.

Our kids deserve better. That is why we are pulling out all the stops to connect public demand for an end to homelessness to the political will to get the job done. We are seeing successes in ending homelessness around the country and plan to leverage those victories as a call to action in Washington state. While we continue to support advocacy for housing and access to opportunity, beginning in 2015 we are joining with other philanthropic and community leaders to build on the success of the WA State Homeless Youth Act and launch a statewide campaign to end youth homelessness.

All of our work is guided by our Six Strategies. Here are a few of them at work to end homelessness:

Building the field: Homelessness will end when the public demands it. So we are working to expand the base of support by mobilizing the 10,000+ board members of homelessness and housing organizations in WA State and changing the advocacy expectations of all 20 million board members in our country through our partnership with BoardSource as founding members of the Stand for Your Mission board advocacy campaign.

Leveraging the power of partnerships: We're excited to announce the launch of A Way Home Washington - a growing movement dedicated to preventing and ending youth homelessness in Washington state. A Way Home Washington is inspired by A Way Home Canada and  A Way Home America and builds on the innovative work already happening to serve youth in Washington state. We also support the Washington Youth and Families Fund, a public/private partnership working to end homelessness, and the Foundations for Youth Success collaborative of the Funders Together to End Homelessness.

Investing in advocacy: We were proud to support successful efforts to pass the Homeless Youth Act, and the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance’s work to secure funding for the Housing Trust Fund.

Our grantmaking is strategic, targeted and by invitation only.

Download our Homelessness Program Strategic Plan.

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Field Building

A Way Home Washington

Learn why we’re optimistic we can prevent & end youth homelessness.

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Photograph courtesy Mockingbird Society
Leveraging Resources

Voices of Youth Count

Announcing the next step in groundbreaking work to provide better information and insights on the prevalence of homeless youth in our country.

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Image courtesy Voices of Youth Count
Partnership Development

Stand for Your Mission

Working with Board Source in catalyzing change through board leadership:

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Photograph courtesy the Stand for Your Mission Campaign