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WRAP Goals:
1. Unite local social justice organizations to build a movement that is inclusive and shares power with all members of the community.
2. Hold the federal government responsible and accountable for the restoration of affordable housing funding and the protection of poor and homeless people’s rights.
3. Develop with the community effective and socially just solutions to all barriers that prevent the ending of homelessness.
4. Ensure the policies and priorities of local, state, and federal governments are grounded in the common truths of a majority of poor and homeless people.

WRAP is a regional, member-based organization comprised of nine community empowerment and social service groups from six West Coast cities. Current members include: Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (Berkeley and Oakland), Coalition on Homelessness (San Francisco), Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA), Street Spirit (Oakland), Sisters Of The Road and Street Roots (Portland), and Real Change (Seattle).

WRAP members have an average of 15 years experience working with social service providers and community members who are normally excluded from the nation’s advocacy and policy process. Members have won important local civil rights and affordable housing victories. WRAP works to amass members’ genius and power into a movement capable of making change at the federal level. They are implementing an organizing, legal defense, action research, public education, and policy advocacy model that works strategically with national and local allies to stop the criminalization of people without housing and to push for systemic change in federal affordable housing policy.