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For over forty years these agencies have been providing vital human services to low-income individuals, families and those in need. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from these services and have become more self sufficient. Twenty-six of the agencies are private not-for profit organizations and four are public, primarily county organizations. These businesses are major employers in their communities and statewide spend $202,500,000 annually, providing services to over 900,000 people. All of the agencies provide multiple services and all receive federal, state and local funding.

The prominent activity of Community Action Agencies is the delivery of services in the form of programs. These programs are tailored for each community in Washington State and serve the needs of those local low-income residents. Community Action programs include a wide variety of services for children & youth; support for the working poor; support for people in crisis; support for the elderly and those with disabilities; as well as services dedicated to strengthening families, all of which contributes to stronger communities.