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Welcome to the online home of the Campion Advocacy Fund, the Campion Foundation, and our approach to changing the world. From our people and partners to our stories and strategies, we are throwing everything we have at our mission to end homelessness, protect public lands & climate, and strengthen nonprofits. It is called Catalytic Philanthropy, and it goes beyond just writing checks and making grants. It means using every tool in the toolbox. It means using our own voices in direct advocacy, developing partnerships to leverage the strength of a community, and recruiting talented staff that are experts in their fields. It means taking responsibility for achieving the results we want to see, and investing in tools and knowledge that can be put into action by our fellow advocates.

When we started the Campion Foundation in 2005, we knew that our philanthropic investments needed to be targeted, and our approach rigorous, in order to achieve the change we sought. Tom had built the Zumiez Corporation on bedrock principles that fueled its success. So when it came time to reinvest that success back into a force for change, we took the same approach in building the Campion Foundation. Leveraged resources, shared leadership, informed risk, and innovation became guiding principles of our philanthropic strategy.

Ten years later, we saw a greater need and we moved to meet it.  Change was not happening at a speed or scale that can match the challenges and opportunities before us. So in 2013 we established the Campion Advocacy Fund, a 501(c)(4) organization that invests in direct advocacy, empowers our staff to advocate directly for our mission, and engages in the political process that sets the backdrop for our work.

We built this site to share the backbone of both efforts: our guiding values, our approach, our people, and our priorities. So please explore, engage, and share our content. Download our resources, and come back for updates. But most importantly, use your own voice and rally your allies to advocate for the change you want to see in the world.

Sonya & Tom

If you aren’t participating fully in the democratic process, you’re leaving leverage on the table.

— Tom and Sonya Campion