Fill out the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey!

Fill out the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey!

Please add your voice to those of thousands of other nonprofit leaders in the effort to provide a solid, evidence-based snapshot of our sector’s financial health.

Our partners at the Nonprofit Finance Fund conduct the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey, the largest national sampling of nonprofits in the United States. The survey asks nonprofits across the country about their health and challenges, compiling a crucial, data-based illustration of our collective ability to help the communities we all serve. The Survey is a powerful platform for nonprofits large and small, urban and rural, across sub-sectors and geographies, identifying and communicating our sector’s most critical needs. In a sector where data is sparse – and real-time data even rarer – its findings are widely used and cited by nonprofit leaders and boards, funders, advocates, policy advisors, media, researchers, and many others.

Fill out the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey now to help paint a true picture of nonprofits in 2018!

We are proud at the Campion Advocacy Fund to help the Nonprofit Finance Fund reach as many nonprofit leaders as possible and to help share the Survey’s findings as a resource for all.

NFF’s 2015 Survey found that, despite the US economic recovery, vulnerable communities were going without because nonprofits couldn’t meet increasing demand. Nonprofit leaders reported persistent worries about financial sustainability – fewer than half ended the previous year with a surplus; more than half said they had three months or less of cash-on-hand. In the words of one nonprofit leader: “Our greatest challenge is the uncertainty and constancy of operating on such a knife edge.”

How thin does that knife edge look to your organization amid today’s policy and funding uncertainties? How comfortable is your rainy-day fund? Does anything hinder your organization from doing all the good it sets out to do? What should the country know about what nonprofits need to do the work with which we are entrusted?

Please take the Survey by Feb. 21 and raise your organization’s voice. It will take only about 25 minutes, and will be a valuable contribution to this important effort.

And please share this opportunity with as many other nonprofit leaders as you can. Every voice should be heard. Every one of us can use and learn from this data. We look forward to many energized discussions around the findings.

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Tom Campion’s Leadership Style Profiled

Tom Campion’s Leadership Style Profiled

Our trustee Tom Campion’s leadership style was recently profiled in Shop-Eat-Surf, a business news site for the action sports industry:

This trip allowed me to look deeper into this crazy and results-oriented culture that was started by Founder Tom Campion, who started in retail by working at JC Penney.

I am going to tell you two stories here. One, about the young woman who was the No. 1 sales person for the whole company in 2017, Kelly Sanders. Her story really illustrates how the Zumiez culture comes alive and helps to propel the company’s success.

The second is about how that culture was created by Founder Tom Campion, who gave a powerful speech at the 100k event about how he developed the Zumiez philosophy in part because he saw what other retailers were doing wrong.

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Passage of Capital Budget Keeps Hope Alive for Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Passage of Capital Budget Keeps Hope Alive for Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Last week, the Washington State Legislature passed the state’s Capital Budget, ending several months of gridlock that began during last year’s legislative session.

Included in the Capital Budget is $106.7 million for the Housing Trust Fund, the state program that awards funding for affordable housing projects. This money means that thousands of people across Washington will get the homes they need. We are thankful for the strong leadership from Speaker Frank Chopp, Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson, and Governor Inslee in navigating several controversial issues to get the budget finally passed.

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Urge your legislators to pass the Capital Budget by Jan. 17th

This week was the start of Washington’s 2018 legislative session, and already our lawmakers have an opportunity to save millions of dollars that will help people experiencing homelessness.

Passage of the Capital Budget, which includes $106 million in funding to construct affordable housing for the most vulnerable members of our community, has been held up for the past year by partisan political maneuvering on a separate, unrelated issue.

If the legislature doesn’t make passing the Capital Budget its first priority, we will lose millions of dollars in tax credits from the federal government. If we don’t act by January 17th, projects that serve people with the lowest incomes will be delayed or stopped.

We can’t allow this to happen. With the housing crisis we are currently facing, it is unacceptable to leave any amount of money on the table.

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Florian Schulz in Nat Geo: See the Arctic Refuge’s Fragile Beauty

Photographer Florian Schulz, friend of the Campion Advocacy Fund, released a stunning collection of images and videos today in National Geographic to highlight the “fragile beauty” of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. With accompanying words by Craig Welch, Florian lays out clearly what is at stake if the Arctic Refuge is disrupted by oil and gas drilling.

From the salt marshes and river deltas along the coast to the mosses and sedges blanketing the central plain and the jagged peaks of the Brooks Range, ANWR is a wildlife paradise. Birds from six continents find their way here, including dunlins and yellow wagtails. Sandpipers, swans, and eiders nest in the tundra. There are moose and seals, Dall’s sheep, and pygmy shrews. In summer, as ANWR’s vegetation changes color and warmer weather brings hordes of mosquitoes, the Porcupine caribou herd clusters in groups of ten thousand or more and seeks relief from the bitter winds near the coast.

See the full collection of breathtaking photos and videos in National Geographic!

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Next Steps in the Fight to Protect the Arctic Refuge

Guest post from Adam Kolton, Executive Director of the Alaska Wilderness League (AWL). 

Take Action Now: Sign the Pledge to Protect the Arctic, or make a donation to support the AWL.

We Have Only Begun to Fight

Mollie Beattie, the first female director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service once said, “What a country chooses to save is what a country chooses to say about itself.”

Fittingly, the designated wilderness of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is named for her and today her words ring especially true watching President Trump and the Alaska delegation take a Rose Garden victory lap.

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