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Arctic Refuge drilling setback in the Senate, but fight isn’t over yet

By Lisa Jaguzny, CEO

The effort to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling has suffered a major setback – but the fight isn’t over yet.

In the dark of night, all but one Republican in the U.S. Senate voted to approve legislation that will dramatically rewrite our nation’s tax laws. The problems in Congress’ tax bills have been heavily publicized – including in tax increases for 50% of Americans, 13 million fewer people having health insurance, and the deficit increasing by $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years.

In the middle of the awful Senate bill is also a provision to open up the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling. Which, yes, has absolutely nothing to do with taxes.

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New Numbers Show Scope of Youth Homelessness in U.S.

By Sheila Babb Anderson

One of the long-standing problems with fighting youth homelessness is the lack of reliable data about the scale of the problem. While earlier studies have indicated that we have around 13,000 homeless youth and young adults in Washington, there has never been a number to show the full nationwide scope.

That changed this month with study results funded in part by the Campion Foundation, Chapin Hall’s “Voices of Youth Count.” Chapin Hall has produced the first ever academically defensible national youth homelessness survey, also published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

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615 Young People Connected to Stable Housing in 100 Days

Guest post from Jim Theofelis, Executive Director of A Way Home Washington:

100-Day Challenges to Impact Youth & Young Adult Homelessness: Washington State Report

Earlier this year, communities in King, Pierce, and Spokane counties came together in an unprecedented effort to improve the lives of youth and young adults too often forgotten in our state. The goal: to spend 100 days accelerating and rethinking our efforts to support youth and young adults who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness. While these 100-Day Challenges stably housed 615 young people—an impressive accomplishment in its own right—the work will continue to deliver results, thanks to the lessons learned through the hard work of these communities.

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Important information on the 2017 election

Where candidates for Mayor stand on housing and homelessness

As Washington prepares for a critical election on November 7, including the election of a new Mayor of Seattle, there is no greater issue on voters’ minds than the unacceptably high number of our neighbors who are homeless or struggling to find and afford a place to live.

I have worked to end homelessness for many years and I know it is a maddeningly complex issue. At its core, homelessness is a straightforward problem with an obvious solution: People without shelter or a permanent place to live need housing.

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Sonya's Corner

Sonya’s Catalytic Corner

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